sandra harper lamgo

Author of Twenty-Seven Hours of Will



Welcome, friends!

I’ve enjoyed writing since my first diary given to me for my birthday in first grade. Fewer misspelled words, equal drama, and perhaps additional bunny trails later, I still enjoy telling a story.

A little about me:

* I’m a sucker for anything “based on a true story.”
* My favorite narration is still the classic “A Christmas Story.”
* I love any crime story and documentaries.
* My name is Sandra, but my friends call me Sandi. My childhood friends and family call me Sam and my aunt calls me Sandbox. But the name I hear the most is “Mom.”
* I am the mom of four girls and four boys here on earth. I am mom to a son William and daughter Grace in heaven.
* I’m a huge fan of fall and winter. Scene set: fireplace, fluffy socks, and a snowstorm framed in front of me.
* Because I live in Texas now, my home is filled with winter art. That plus the a/c and a few ice packs can help my mind relocate back to Colorado.
* I love Jesus and am constantly reminded of my need for Him and His great grace by my three toddlers.
* My house is usually cluttered with toys and our laundry is the real “Never Ending Story.”
* I do cry over spilt milk.
* My desire for this website is to promote hope and healing through your grief journey. I’m just a message away if you ever need a sounding board or just want to talk.