Twenty-Seven Hours of Will

by Sandra Harper Lamgo


“Please, someone hurry, help me! Help ME!!!!”

From the end of the hall a nurse approached. Her eyes met mine, and when I unfolded my arms to reveal a horror, she shared my look of desperation.

When Sandra Lamgo’s newborn son, Will, perished due to a preventable medical error, her world fell apart. She didn’t think her life would be the same—and it wasn’t. But slowly, with God’s intervention, she found healing from the experience and her past, and wholeness in a new life.

In Twenty-Seven Hours of Will, Lamgo shows you how to
• Move from survival to a joyful life.
• Know what to and not to say to your grieving loved ones.
• Live without knowing the why – and trusting God with it.
Life does exist on the other side of grief. Lamgo shows you how to find it.


is an author, writer, blogger, speaker, and adoption advocate focusing on grief recovery and living joy in a broken world. Sandra and her husband Phil live on a cattle ranch in Texas with their eight children. Loving the simple life, she enjoys time with her family, cooking, snuggling her Goldendoodle puppies, photography, and music.